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Our commitment to our clients and customers

Thank you for choosing Freedom Fence & Deck to complete your next project. We strive to offer the best service and an amazing product that will serve you for years to come. Our contract binds us to the work you have chosen us to complete. As the homeowner or registered agent for the property we will be working on, it is your duty to obtain any permission needed from your HOA to complete any work that has been requested. With every signature on every proposal, you the customer legally binds us to our own contract and we will complete any work that has been proposed. Freedom Fence & Deck LLC, however, is not responsible for completing any work that was not originally agreed upon. We do our best to maintain and meet our schedule, however any set target date is subject to change due to weather conditions, municipality delays, material back-order status, default on deposit of final payments, city/township inspector delays, customer delays, or any combination of the aforementioned. When our customers sign this contract, they agree that any variable (color, style, shape, design, plans, material choice, repairs, quoted price, size, layout, specifications, or any agreed upon variable) on the final proposal is what to be expected and what will be delivered. All fence lines, areas where deck work will take place, or any other area that scheduled work will take place is to be cleared of any obstacles unless an agreement is made in a proposal. If fence installation is occurring, fence will follow the terrain unless otherwise stated in the proposal. If Freedom Fence & Deck is removing and disposing any old material or earth matter (that is agreed upon in the proposal) from customer property, we are not responsible for any preexisting contamination that could be present in the material. Our customer will be responsible and will incur any and all costs/fines if any poisons, foreign matter, illegal waste, or any other illegal material is found in the preexisting material. Freedom Fence & Deck LLC is not responsible for any injury on any preexisting structure (fence, deck, or any other structure that this contract pertains to) if this contract involves repair or modification on said structure. Freedom Fence & Deck LLC requires a 75% deposit on any work or proposal that material needs to be ordered/purchased. This is an agreed upon amount in the proposal and must be paid prior to placing an order/purchasing any material. If our customer defaults on a deposit, final payment or deposit is declined (check bounce if paid by check), passes fake currency, or refuses to pay, we reserve the right to stop any and all work, withhold a deposit, reclaim any and all material, remove any work that has already been completed or begun, and we have the right to involve local courts or authorities. Final payment for all work is due upon completion. Freedom Fence and Deck reserves the right to refuse service or completion of remaining work for any of the above reasons. This contract goes into effect when both our proposal is signed and a deposit is collected and cleared. Just as our customers are bound to this contract, so are we, and you reserve the right to hold us to any work agreed upon once this contract is in effect. Any permits needed for completion of any proposed work will need to be cleared prior to beginning work. This is the registered agents or homeowners’ responsibility, however if Freedom Fence & Deck is arranging any permits our customer must supply a Platt of Survey. If they do not have one, they will either source this paperwork or arrange for a new Platt of Survey to be created. The state of Illinois does not require fence and deck contractors to be licensed with the state, however Freedom Fence & Deck LLC will be licensed as well as bonded and insured (if required by any municipality, township, or county) for any job in a that we propose (if required.) Freedom Fence & Deck LLC is not responsible for any fines or fees due to the homeowner/registered agent of the property declining to pull a permit for a proposed job. 5% of all proceeds are to be and will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. Our 10% veterans discount does not expire and is valid every day (with proof of service).

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